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Terms and Conditions

LoungePad™ Application for iPad

The LoungePad™ application has been developed for the sole use with the Apple iPad. The software is protected by copyright laws and no part of the software or it’s design may be copied. The LoungePad™ application is on a monthly subscription basis and if there is a lapse in payment we reserve the right to cancel your account. Termination of account will mean the suspension of access to the account and removal of ALL files associated with that account, including images, videos, forms, WebPages, links etc. Information uploaded into the account can not be re-downloaded so please ensure that you have backup copies of all your files.

Access to LoungePad™ account setup is by username and password. It is advisable that you do not share this information with any third parties as LoungePad ltd will not be held responsible for loss or change of data within the account.

LoungePad™ is initially available on a single license subscription basis, with the possibility of purchasing further subscriptions for multiple iPads. More memory may also be subscribed to on a monthly basis. If at any time any part of the subscription is not adhered to then we reserve the right to suspend the account.

LoungePad™ may on occassion offer to setup accounts on behalf of clients on a non-fee paying basis, in such instances LoungePad™ reserves the right to use the created setup/s as promotional material on the LoungePad™ website.

iPad Security Case and Stand

Our iPad security case and stand have been developed as a theft deterrent. We however can not guarantee that the security case or stand will completely protect the iPad from theft as a thief may use any means to compromise the integrity of the security case or stand. Furthermore, although the security case has foam dampeners within the case, we do not take any responsibility if the enclosed iPad is damaged due to excessive or undue stress put onto the security case or if the case is dropped or incorrectly used.

The stand has an area to attach a security lock or chain and it is advisable that this is used at all times. However, the integrity of the stand may also be compromised if a thief is determined enough to steal it, as such we are not responsible for loss or damage caused if a theft is attempted or made. The front of the security case does not offer any protection to the integrity of the iPad and its screen and as such LoungePad ltd are not responsible if the iPad becomes damaged whilst in the case whether it be in private or public use.

Workmanship of Security Case and/or Stand

LoungePad ltd do guarantee the workmanship of the security case and as such offers a 3 month guarantee on any of the parts including screws, foam and fixings if they become faulty. This guarantee however does not cover the normal wear and tear associated with the placing and removal of the iPad into the security case. Please email LoungePad ltd for repairs or spare parts for the security case and or stand.

Returns Policy of Security Case and/or Stand

We offer a 14 day returns policy, on receipt of the security case and/or stand, on goods which have not been used and which have their original packaging. Due to the nature of the security case/stand, once it has been used the returns policy becomes void unless the security case /stand has developed a fault in workmanship. Damage caused by the purchaser or other third parties is not covered by this returns policy.



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