Surveys and Questionnaires
March 7th, 2013

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  • Create surveys and questionnaires for your LoungePad™ users.
  • Create simple forms to just collect names, addresses and emails.
  • Create Complex forms such as medical or dental patient questionnaires
  • Forms area include
    • Simple Text Area
    • Date of Birth Calendar
    • Radio Buttons
    • Check boxes
    • Yes/No answers
    • Dropdown lists
  • Survey/Questionnaires are emailed to a single or multiple email addresses
  • A ‘CSV/Excel’ file is attached with each email allowing the data to be imported into excel or a data base of your choice
  • Data is stored on our server (for up to 30 days) allowing you to download all information in one go and then export to a database such as excel or one that you already have setup.
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