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March 7th, 2013

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Video Part  1: LoungePad™ (iPad App) – Part 1 – Introduction & Package Setup

Video Part  2: LoungePad™ (iPad App) – Part 2 – General and Main Setup

Video Part  3: LoungePad™ (iPad App) – Part 3 – Uploading

Video Part  4: LoungePad™ (iPad App) – Part 4 – Questionnaire/Survey Setup

Video Part  5: LoungePad™ (iPad App) – Part 5 – Custom Widget

Additional Notes 

  • Unlike other kiosk apps LoungePad™ is first setup in your own server admin area using a PC/Laptop/Mac and a web browser.
  • Upload all your logos, background colours, videos, images, brochures and setup your surveys/questionnaires.
  • Setup multiple views of your LoungePad™ and store them all so they can then be individually downloaded onto your iPad.
  • Run up to 5 ipads with a single subscription.
  • Preview your setup just as if it is on your iPad. Our unique server side preview allows you to see how your LoungePad™ will look before you download it so you can tweak and change the layout until you are happy with your final result
  • Choose from 4 templates and edit to the feel of your business.You can even display your own adverts using our Advert Lounge template.
  • Have multiple iPads display different layouts.
  • Setup your LoungePad™ to only collect e.g.  Medical/Dental questionnaires or survey information.
  • Choose from pre-defined icons or design and upload your own. Change icon colour and text.
  • Choose your LoungePad™ background colour or upload a background image.
  • LoungePad™ admin. Choose your LoungePad™ background colour or upload a background image.
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