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1. Download our Free ‘Loungepad’ app From the Apple App Store

iconor click this LoungePad™ icon  from your iPad).
View Demonstrations without Subscribing


2. Register and Subscribe Directly from the LoungePad™ app.

See below for subscription options you will see on your LoungePad™ app.

Subscribe to LoungePad™ – From $9.20/£5.99 per month

  • Subscription rates are $9.20 / £5.99 per month, with price reductions for longer subscriptions (see image below)
  • Choose subscription times between 30, 60, 90 days or 6months or 1 year, with reduced pricing tiers
  • Automated registration and subscription via our free downloadable app
  • Includes 20MB of storage (for photos/images, videos & PDFs) + 500 submitted questionnaires
  • Create unlimited questionnaires/form

Below image shows the registration and subscription renewal screens as seen on your iPad

The LoungePad™ iPad App

Buy More Storage – Simple one-off Payments!

  • Need more storage for your images/photos, videos, PDF files? Then simply buy more storage from 100MB (£6.99) to 1GB (£34.99)
  • Need More storage for completed questionnaires? Again a simple one-off payment for storing a further 1000 (£6.99) or up to 10,000 (£29.99) submitted questionnaires/forms
  • Increase storage as you need to
  • Your storage space is a one-off payment and you will not incur any ongoing fees

Below image shows the storage options currently available

The LoungePad™ iPad App

Which Subscription Should I Take Out?

  • If you are an exhibitor / infrequently collect questionnaire information, then the default 20MB storage and 500 stored questionnaires is  plenty.
  • If you are for example a dentist or have a hair salon or a hotel, and require continuous usage of your LoungePad™ kiosk, then subscribe for 6moonths to 1-year. This will also give you a further reduction in subscription fees

How Do I Setup LoungePad™?

  • Starter Lounge: Free. Once you have registered, we will email you the LoungePad™ setup user guide and/or view our setup videos on
  • Premier Lounge: Please enquire. We will be happy to completely setup and/or manage your LoungePad™ Kiosk for you. Email us and one of our team will get back to you with a proposal

I Need Help / Advice – What Do I do?

  • Free help and advice is provided at any stage so please email us and we will be happy to help you.

Email us directly from the LoungePad™ app or contact us here>




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