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March 7th, 2013

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  • Very simple to setup forms/questionnaires.
  • Accept real signatures on any forms.
  • Completed forms emailed in PDF and csv format and saved on server.
  • Re-arrange  form questions into any order
  • One click form field selection e.g. Address, email, website etc.
  • Form Validation for any fields.
  • Change background colour and font size.
  • Add bulk form data for drop down lists, check boxes etc.
  •  Completed forms /questionnaires emailed to any email address.
  • Custom ‘thank you message’ on forms.
  • Redirect users to the ‘main page’ after form has been submitted.
  • Bulk export of all your captured information in CSV and PDF format.
  • Search function for completed forms/questionnaires.
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