How to View Demo Loungepad™ Kiosks on Your iPad
March 7th, 2013

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Download our (LoungePad) Free Kiosk app from the Apple App Store on iPad


To view Demo Kiosk (Packages) Please Follow these Steps:

  1. Ensure that you have internet connection.
  2. Once you install the App, Click on Admin Login.

    Admin screen - Click Me to Enlarge

    Admin screen – Click Me to Enlarge

  3. To see the Demo setups, please use the
    Username: loungepad
    Password: loungepad 

    Demonstration Kiosks - Click Me to Enlarge

    Demonstration Kiosks – Click Me to Enlarge

  4. On the next screen you wil be able to see example Setups.
  5. Select AAA_Main Page (this is the main demo) or choose any other Demo from the list
  6. Please wait for the Demo Kiosk to Download to your iPad.
  7. Once downloaded click OK (Popup)
  8. Then click VIEW (Beside Download)
  9. You will now see an example Kiosk Setup.


  • You can click BACK at the top at any time.
  • Please do explore the pages by clicking on the icons.
  • Once downloaded, the Kiosk DOES NOT require internet connection, but only if you would like to display your website, or a News channel like BBC etc.

If you would like to go back to the First Admin screen to download other Kiosk setups:

a) Exit Loungepad by clicking on the Home button on the iPad

b) Double click the Home button

c) Keep your finger for 5 seconds on the Loungepad icon

d) click on the red (MINUS) icon to close Lounepad

e) Double click the Home button

f) Click on the Loungepad Icon

g) Go to ADMIN LOGIN again and use same username and password

If you need further assistance please email us here>



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