Enotria – UK’s Leading Specialist Wine Wholesaler
March 7th, 2013

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Client Case Study:

LoungePad™ iPad Kiosk Software + iPad Kiosk

Enotria is the UK’s leading specialist wine wholesaler: www.enotria.co.uk

Enotria approached LoungePad™ to help them setup their LoungePad™ iPad kiosk for their 2012 Annual Wine Tasting in London

  • An iPad Kiosk software that they could easily setup and modify to the look of their company
  • Run a competition and show their new website and mobile website
  • Run the software simultaneously on 3 iPads

Enotria also required iPad security cases and iPad kiosk stands, which LoungePad™ were also able to provide

LoungePad™ initially provided Enotria some help in getting started with their LoungePad™ software, but the final design was all carried out by Enotria themselves. We hope you agree it looks fantastic.

LoungePad™ Costs only £5.99 /$9.20 per month
Run up to 5 iPads with one subscription
Cost-effective iPad kiosk Software Adaptable for Your Business

Enotria LoungePad™ Setp

1. Below left image shows the ‘Main Page’ setup that was created on LoungePad™, including Enotria logo, Central competition link, which when clicked opens the competition page (right image). Small icons were also created providing external links to Enotria’s website

2. Below Right Image, shows the LoungePad™ Form/Questionnaire setup adapted to run a competition. All data is sent to selected email address/es and works with and when there is no wifi data is stored until there is wifi recepetion. Data is sent within the email and also as a csv file and a separate PDF file. All data is also stored on the server as a bulk exportable CSV file, so you can easily import into your own database.

Client setup of loungepad ipad kiosk software

   loungepad ipad form competition

Enotria and LoungePad™ iPad Security Case and Kiosk

Below images shows LoungePad™ setup in ‘action’ being used and enjoyed at the Enotria wine tasting even.

The iPad security case and stand, designed and made by LoungePad™, allows full user interaction whilst keeping the iPad safe and secure. Our versatile stands allow the iPad to be used at standing height.

ipad security case

ipad security case and iPad Kiosk

   loungepad iPad Kiosk Software Fans

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