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Promote - Involve - Captivate

Turn your iPad into a waiting lounge console or kiosk, with our unique LoungePad™ application.
You can find it in iTunes or the App Store.

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Unique LoungePad™ App.
Your iPad is Now a Powerful Kiosk
Promote, Involve and Captivate
Your Customers at All Times
Feature Your Products & Services through Images & Video.
Customers Registrations & Surveys.
Involve Your Customers
Get Them Interacting
Not Just Watching!
LoungePad™ for...
Waiting Areas, Retail Spaces, Dental Clinics, Hotels, Exhibitions & More..

LoungePad™ ‘Touch Screen’ Kiosk app for Apple iPad Designed Specifically for Retail, POS, Exhibitions and Public Spaces, including:

Dental Practices, Retail Spaces, Doctors & Medical Clinics, Hair Salons,  Department Stores, Hotel Lobbies & Rooms, Health and Beauty Spas, Car showrooms, Galleries & Museums, Exhibitions and Events, Shopping Centres, Public Events and Seminars, Schools & Universities, Mobile Sales Staff and Restaurants.

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How to View Demo Loungepad™ Kiosks on Your iPad>

The LoungePad™ iPad App

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About LoungePad™ Kiosk App for iPad and Supporting Security Case (Enclosure) & Stand

LoungePad™ is a new and exciting App for iPad that is designed to engage your customers (clients, patients or visitors). Whether you have a waiting or seating area, or would like to bring your products and services to life and show off its features, you can now engage and empower your customers at all times.

We also provide complimenting Security Cases (enclosures) and stands for your iPad that are design specifically for retail environments which are many (adult and child) safety and anti-theft features.

Upload Videos and Images

See Our LoungePad™ Kiosk Gallery>

The Features of LoungePad™ Kiosk

  • Display Product-detail Videos. This can be a Youtube Link. (Getting customers closer to making a buying decision).
  • Display detailed product Images with text descriptions (including where to locate products in-store).
  • Display visual” food Menus (if you have a Restaurant)
  • Web link to your particular web pages only.
  • Display Special offers & competitions. (Every kiosk setup on your iPad can display something different).
  • Custom Forms to capture customer data such as emails, via surveys, competitions and “join Mailing List”.
  • Forms now accept Real Signatures.

The LoungePad™ iPad App

  • Display interactive Way-finding Maps (showing stores or products on that particular floors).
  • Use it as a Guestbook to get customer feedback and suggestions.
  • Use LoungePad™ for a Multi-store wide Marketing Campaign (of a particular item).
  • Upload brochures and Price Lists in pdf format.
  • Convert your PDF to a ‘flip-book’ in one easy click.

The LoungePad™ iPad App

The Advantages of LoungePad™ for Your Business or Organisation

  • LoungePad™ enhances your brand experience.
  • Empower your customers by focusing them on your brand, product and services at all times.
  • Creates a positive customers experience in waiting areas or receptions.
  • Go paper-free with LoungePad™ Forms.
  • Saves staff and customer time by automating traditional paper forms and avoids mistakes.
  • Makes customers (clients, patients or visitors) aware of all your products and services.
  • Generate revenue through third party advertising.
  • In built statistics allows you to see what your customers are interested in.

How LoungePad™ Works?

LoungePad™ is server based , so all data is store and backed up on our servers. You would use a PC to setup your Kiosk “Packages”. Once you have prepared your Kiosks, you would go to the LoungePad™ App on the iPad and download the Kiosk Package. Each iPad can display a different Kiosk.  LoungePad™ does not require an internet connection to display your Kiosk.

LoungePad™  Statistics

Our Kiosk app offers in-built statistics which will allow you to gauge the success of the various Kiosk setups which you implement.

You may setup different Kiosks, where one iPad may show a product promotion and the other may displays Prize Draw competition etc…

 LoungePad™ Kiosk App for iPad – Cost?

Subscribtions price is from $9.20/£5.99 per month and from 30,60,90 days or 6 months to 1 year. See All Pricing>

The LoungePad™ Application

LoungePad™ Kiosk app  in Your Own Brand Style & Colours

  • LoungePad™ can be formatted to the look and feel of your brand.
  • Upload your Logo
  • Choose from  a number of templates and edit to the feel of your business.
  • Choose from pre-defined icons or design and upload your own. Change  icon  colour and text.
  • Choose your LoungePad™ background colour or upload a background image.

* We can even “Powder Coat” our Security Cases and Stands for iPad, in your brand colours and with your logo. 

Please Email Us Here for More Information>

Bespoke Kiosk Setups

We are very happy to offer our ongoing services to setup and manage your Kiosks. We can even be involved in marketing meetings to plan and discuss how best to setup Kiosks to meet your needs.
Please Email Us Here>

Kiosk Trial Periods and Hire of our Security Case and Stands for iPad – Larger Retailers & Organisations

We are happy to offer the loan of iPads, Cases and stands for evaluation &trials periods.

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